• Coronavirus and traveling
  • Now we have a name that is known all over the world:
    American Express Global Business Travel
  • Kirsi Paakkari
    "The friendship will remain even with the new name."
    Kirsi Paakkari
  • Meetings and Events stage
    Why light a small flame when you can set things ablaze?
  • "Being Socially Responsible Takes Courage"
    Olli Valtonen and Kirsi Paakkari
  • "When was the last time you looked in the mirror?"
    Kirsi Paakkari
  • "Do not leave your well-being at the airport"
    Anne Kukkohovi
  • "How safe do you feel?"
    Jarno Limnell
  • "What does courage mean to you?"
    Kati Saari and Jutta Vatanen


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