Anne Kukkohovi Supermood

Anne Kukkohovi Supermood

Anne Kukkohovi has been travelling on business throughout her entire career. During her years as a model, she toured the world’s fashion capitals. Nowadays, she travels as an entrepreneur, promoting her own cosmetics brand Supermood. 

However, travelling for work has not always been positive for Anne Kukkohovi: “When my son was small, work trips were mentally exhausting. He had allergies and asthma as a child. As if by magic, he would always become ill just as I was scheduled to leave. On several occasions, I have had to cancel my trip or arrange for an earlier return. A few times, I have arrived straight from the airport to the children’s hospital.” For her trips, Anne still packs her child’s handicrafts from nursery school – a pillow case and the “Mama bag”. This way, the child is always present, wherever Anne’s work takes her.

Quality time, alone and together

Her attitude towards business travel has changed as the child has grown. Nowadays, business travel also offers Anne some private moments away from the hectic everyday life. Stopping at an art gallery, window shopping or having a spa treatment balances the stress of the working day. Tight schedules make it especially important to ensure recovery:

“When I want to pamper myself, I go crazy with room service. I also enjoy long baths, face masks and listening to music. This allows me to focus on myself and not worry about work.”

In recent years, Anne has also taken her family with her on business trips more and more often. This has offered important family time after the business meetings. “Last year, I had the opportunity to take a wonderful business trip to the U.S. that lasted for over one month. The downside would have been that I would have to spend a long time away from my family, so in the end we all decided to go together. In Los Angeles, for example, we spent a memorable family day on Manhattan Beach, enjoying the beach atmosphere and good food.

Early this year, Anne's entire family headed to London for a few weeks as Supermood was going international. The agenda had several work meetings, but also some family time. “I feel that my son gets to experience private entrepreneurship fairly realistically from the front row. How hard you really need to work for success, but also the wonderful, even glamorous moments when your hard work is rewarded.”

Anne’s second interview can be found here. In the article, Anne shares her tips for feeling well and staying energetic as well as for visiting London on business. The city has a place that Anne does not want to miss on any trip. Read the story to find out what it is.

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