Anne Kukkohovi well-being

Anne Kukkohovi's favourite things in London

Anne Kukkohovi is a seasoned business traveller. Her business trips often have tight schedules, and she considers it important to take care of her own well-being and energy levels. 

Whenever possible, Anne prepares her travel plans well in advance and reserves at least one additional day for transcontinental destinations. This allows you to settle down properly. Exercise is an important part of Anne’s daily routine, including on business trips: “I walk a lot each day. Walking improves your health and lets you experience the surroundings in a different way. You can even wear trainers to a casual meeting because they are very trendy right now – even with a dress.”

For Anne, hotel life is no excuse to slack off on body management. Flexing and muscle maintenance can be performed anywhere, and the daily half-hour exercise allows Anne some quiet time with her own thoughts and feelings. “Anyone struggling under work stress can use the endorphins released by exercise”, Anne says. 

“If you are feeling physically unwell, you simply cannot handle work pressure and socially exhausting situations”, Anne reminds us.

Anne's recommendations for taking care of yourself

  • Separate normal life and celebrations
    Even though she is not particular about food, Anne favours a healthy diet. You should never leave your important principles at the airport: “If you celebrate every trip with alcohol and junk food, this will soon become a habit.” 
  • If you want to pamper yourself
    Spa treatments are a sure-fire way to relax. In particular, the spas of the W hotel chain are an oasis to anyone who values high quality, trendiness and a laid-back atmosphere. 
  • When you want to sweat out the stress from your body
    Bikram yoga is available in all of the larger cities nowadays. It can be tough, but you will always get a similar lesson regardless of where you are.



  • For guaranteeing your beauty sleep 
    For years, many international hotel chains and smaller boutique hotels have focused on securing a good night’s sleep for their guests. In Four Seasons hotels, for example, you can choose between three different levels of bed softness. Many hotels also offer different pillows and quilts – not to mention the exquisite sheet selections. 


Work takes many Finns abroad – and occasionally to London

This is also true for Anne, and the city has become a second home for her. Last year, she was busy travelling between Helsinki and London with the launch of her own cosmetics brand, Supermood. After work, Anne enjoys her time in the city. In our side story, you can read about Anne’s favourite spots for spending off-work hours in London and overcoming home sickness.

Anne’s previous interview can be found here. In it, she gives tips to entrepreneurs dreaming of international success. Maaret Kallio also talks about well-being during business trips in her interview . We have joined the fight against loneliness. A sense of community and taking others into consideration are part of our service philosophy. We, therefore, would like to share some tips for avoiding fatigue at work and during travel – for an easier and more comfortable living that also provides inspiration during everyday life.