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28.11.2019 16:29
What has already been done and taken into account before an ice hockey team can travel to their tournament? Junior National Team Secretary Annika Tirinen from the Finnish Ice Hockey Association explains.
EMAn palvelut suomalaisille yrityksille
22.3.2018 10:53
What to do in case a business traveller becomes seriously ill somewhere in Siberia? Can you fly with an ear infection? How well is your hospitalised employee cared for in China? Is the patient at risk of being “trapped” by a private clinic that charges high rates for excessive medical treatment?
Matkustusohjeiden keskittäminen
20.11.2017 16:38
Increasing savings for many companies can be a long game strategy rather than an instantaneous win. This was true for one of our customers in Latin America, Grupo Alfa, who has more than 50 subsidiaries and 10,000 travelers. One way they wanted to increase their savings was by consolidating all of their subsidiary travel programs and adopting an online booking strategy to alleviate their onsite booking. Find out how they succeeded.
Service Lab
7.9.2017 17:12
Service Lab is SMT’s development incubator. The interactive development unit creates, optimises and tests new service concepts together with participating clients. Read more on it here.
Lotta Wikman Wolt
30.3.2017 17:58
Wolt is a technology start-up for which the efficient use of time is important. - We have enough on our plate when we concentrate on developing our services. We have no time to surf around the Web to find cheap flights, General Manager Lotta Wikman sums up the benefits for using a travel agency – for Wolt and all other start-ups too. Check out her other tips here.
Liikematkat junalla
30.3.2017 17:46
Stora Enso employees travel around Finland by train. A business involving a lot of travel has discovered the benefits of rail travel in cooperation with VR and SMT. Pick the best tips for your own business too.
Toyota Tommi Mäkinen Racing
3.11.2016 13:46
Tommi Mäkinen Racing is a rarity among Finnish companies. It represents Toyota Motor Corporation in the International Automobile Federation’s World Rally Championship, and it is the first Finnish company to build Toyota a new car for the next year’s main series. The new car has undergone some 10,000 km of test driving, and it will participate in the 2017 World Rally Championship already in January. Many people might wonder why a rally team needs a travel agency, but Tommi Mäkinen Racing has a clear answer to this.
Wacra Conference 2016
3.11.2016 13:30
In late August, the customer relations managers of the world’s airlines gathered in Helsinki, where Finnair hosted the annual WACRA (Worldwide Airline Customer Relations Association) conference for the first time. SMT came to help. Read more on our cooperation in the arrangements of an international conference.
Elina Mustonen NIB
16.8.2016 13:56
At the turn of the year, when Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) arranged competitive bidding for its travel agency services, it was looking for cost-efficient services and a partner that explores and utilises technical solutions in a modern and user-friendly way.
16.8.2016 13:56
The BlueNordic conference in Helsinki brought together experts from the Nordic countries. – This was quite a large event which was organised under a tight schedule, so we definitely benefited from having expert help, describes Project Coordinator Eero Mikkola from the Natural Resources Institute Finland. – We chose to partner with SMT because it offered the most promising price–quality ratio but also because it was a safe option as a seasoned expert in organising events.


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