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7.1.2016 12:56
Before the Finnish Lions are fighting for victory on ice, many things have taken place in the background. What kind of a business trip is it when the traveller is not a man with a briefcase, but an ice hockey team with its carers and accessories? SMT supports its long-time customer and partner, the Finnish Ice Hockey Association.
8.12.2015 16:13
The comfort and safety of travellers are the guiding principles for work trip reservations at Rosendahl Nextrom. The business has nevertheless been able to concentrate its reservations in SMT Online and save money in the process. Travel Manager Aleksi Henny tells us how.
8.12.2015 16:07
Customer experience has been recognized as one of the main focus points in SMT service. To give it the importance it deserves, we have nominated Mr. Ari Ilonen, Director for Business Travel and Customer Experience to manage it. He explores what customers want from us and on this basis, further develops our service.
8.12.2015 16:03
Do you know the size of the carbon footprint from your business travel? And what could you do to reduce the environmental impact of your meetings and events? Initiatives such as the Sustainability Reporting Award Finland and EU directive on mandatory sustainability reporting also increase the significance of sustainable travel.
8.12.2015 16:00
For us, the traveller comes first, says Valio's HR Specialist and Travel Coordinator Harriet Lemberg. - If someone's work duties involve travelling a lot, it is important for us that he or she arrives at the destination full of energy and fit to work. Therefore, pricing is not always the deciding factor.
8.12.2015 15:58
SMTnetwork, the major forum for business travel and events management, gathered together the purchasers and producers of services at Korjaamo Culture Factory in Helsinki on the last day of September.
8.12.2015 15:57
We have been focusing on valuable face to face customer meetings in our events for over a year. We have done many new things during our events and have also experimented in the field of technology. But can technology really add value to an event?
10.10.2015 11:16
In October, Abloy gathered their international importers and Finnish retailers in London for two large conferences. SMT's Events and Meetings team managed the practical arrangements, from surveys to meeting technology and from advertising banners to gala hairdos.
10.10.2015 11:10
In June 2014, international attendees gathered at Marina Congress Center in Helsinki for the Hidden Competences conference. SMT's event team handled the attendance management, website and practical arrangements for the conference. Helena Kähkönen from CIMO shares her best ideas and experiences.
9.10.2015 18:04
Since 2012, Fortum has been following Strategic Meeting Management Programme with its meetings and events. What path have they travelled so far and what advantages have they gained? Let Anette McCarthy, Purchasing Manager Indirect Services for Fortum, tell us more.


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