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Matkavinkit Müncheniin
26.11.2019 13:58
Are you familiar with Munich? If you are staying instead of just transiting from a flight to another, here is some advice on getting the best out of a visit to this beautiful city.
Vinkit Kiinaan matkustaville
21.9.2018 17:05
The China Visa Application Centre in Finland will start registering biometric identifiers on Tuesday, September 25th 2018. Every visa applicant must visit the China Visa Application Centre in Helsinki in person for fingerprinting. This requires a booked appointment. Fingerprinting is obligatory for every visa applicant between 14 to 70 years, and it will be valid for five years
Vinkit Kiinaan matkustaville
22.3.2018 12:24
Even for veteran business travelers, visiting China can be a disorienting experience. From navigating all the entry requirements to finding your way around a country where little English is spoken, a trip to the People’s Republic requires extra preparation and patience. With these tips, you can make your trip there a successful one.
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