Lentojen kompensointi
15.3.2018 15:31
Airline KLM’s CO2ZERO compensation service enables passengers to compensate for their flight-related carbon emissions and neutralise their flight’s carbon footprint. Read more on how you can help reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.
KLM and sustainability
23.5.2017 09:04
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are formulated by the UN to strive for a more sustainable future. Young environmentalist Ralien Bekkers asks KLM's Inka Pieter how KLM contributes to these goals. And what can a single traveller do?
30.3.2017 17:32
At the turn of the year, the Finnish Parliament approved the implementation of the EU’s so-called Disclosure of Non-Financial Information Directive in Finland. The directive defines the disclosure of non-financial and diversity information on the part of certain kinds of companies. The areas of responsibility mentioned in the directive are the environment; social responsibility and employees; anti-corruption and anti-bribery activities; and supporting diversity. How does it affect your company? Read more.
8.12.2015 16:03
Do you know the size of the carbon footprint from your business travel? And what could you do to reduce the environmental impact of your meetings and events? Initiatives such as the Sustainability Reporting Award Finland and EU directive on mandatory sustainability reporting also increase the significance of sustainable travel.
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