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Wacra Conference 2016
3.11.2016 13:30
In late August, the customer relations managers of the world’s airlines gathered in Helsinki, where Finnair hosted the annual WACRA (Worldwide Airline Customer Relations Association) conference for the first time. SMT came to help. Read more on our cooperation in the arrangements of an international conference.
16.8.2016 13:56
The BlueNordic conference in Helsinki brought together experts from the Nordic countries. – This was quite a large event which was organised under a tight schedule, so we definitely benefited from having expert help, describes Project Coordinator Eero Mikkola from the Natural Resources Institute Finland. – We chose to partner with SMT because it offered the most promising price–quality ratio but also because it was a safe option as a seasoned expert in organising events.
Suomalainen Kirjakauppa
16.8.2016 13:54
Late last year, Suomalainen Kirjakauppa faced the same situation where several others have been as well: the company no longer had the in-house resources for organising events. – We had to decide whether we should purchase our own tool for managing the registration of attendance and assign a person responsible for it or outsource our event management, explains Administration Director Pirjo Hämäläinen. SMT offered to help.
31.5.2016 16:04
There is no room for surprises when footballers travel. Everything needs to be carefully planned and thought out in order to allow the players to focus on future matches. National team manager Lennart Wangel from the Football Association of Finland explains how the team travels.
7.1.2016 12:56
Before the Finnish Lions are fighting for victory on ice, many things have taken place in the background. What kind of a business trip is it when the traveller is not a man with a briefcase, but an ice hockey team with its carers and accessories? SMT supports its long-time customer and partner, the Finnish Ice Hockey Association.
10.10.2015 11:16
In October, Abloy gathered their international importers and Finnish retailers in London for two large conferences. SMT's Events and Meetings team managed the practical arrangements, from surveys to meeting technology and from advertising banners to gala hairdos.
10.10.2015 11:10
In June 2014, international attendees gathered at Marina Congress Center in Helsinki for the Hidden Competences conference. SMT's event team handled the attendance management, website and practical arrangements for the conference. Helena Kähkönen from CIMO shares her best ideas and experiences.
9.10.2015 18:04
Since 2012, Fortum has been following Strategic Meeting Management Programme with its meetings and events. What path have they travelled so far and what advantages have they gained? Let Anette McCarthy, Purchasing Manager Indirect Services for Fortum, tell us more.
9.10.2015 17:54
Nearly one thousand young people on twenty different flights, three tent saunas inside sea containers and friends from 150 countries. And the passphrase is Wa. What is it?
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