Ari Ilonen
4.12.2019 10:29
New Distribution Capability (NDC) is coming, and it represents a significant change for the distribution of airline content in the corporate travel industry. Let Ari Ilonen explain more.
Peking Daxing lentokenttä
28.11.2019 16:32
Finnish business travellers now have even more options to reach the metropolitan areas in Asia from Helsinki. Finnair launched a service to the brand-new Beijing Daxing Airport in early November, and Haneda in Tokyo will follow in March. Enjoy the range of options available – but make sure to land at the correct airport.
26.11.2019 15:20
There has been a lot of talk about New Distribution Capability (NDC). As more in the travel industry start to pilot NDC-enabled connections — including American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) — more travel managers (TM) are wondering how NDC may impact their travel programs. To learn more about your peers’ sentiments toward NDC and how they are coping with the shifting air distribution paradigm — as well as five ways TMs can prepare for the changes ahead — read more and download our full report here.
Mikä on NDC
26.11.2019 15:16
If you’ve been reading up on NDC, the IATA-led project that had a slow start but recently has been gaining momentum, you’ll notice many acronyms (including the two we just hurled at you), industry lingo and organizations being used whenever the topic comes up. To catch up on the jargon as well as understand more about the organizations embracing NDC, here’s a special glossary devoted to the new distribution standard.
Varaa oikein
9.7.2019 16:08
Have you ever tried to get the best possible flight fare or route by combining several different return tickets and planning to criss-cross them, or to use outward flight on one ticket and inward flight on the other? It may feel like a great idea in the beginning, but believe us - it does not pay in the long run. With a bit of bad luck, you may end up - instead of a double booking - with no booking at all. Find out what to do.
13.6.2019 10:23
American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) has agreed to join the Qantas Channel program that launches on August 1, 2019. As part of the program, GBT will provide its clients and travellers access to fares and new content sourced from the NDC-enabled Qantas Distribution Platform (QDP).
3.12.2018 16:11
When was the last time you flew to the Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) – the #1 airport in Paris? Did you know that, in recent years, the airport has undergone extensive renovation with the aim of making the airport’s operations clearer and more functional? Perhaps now is a good time to revisit the new and improved airport.
Changi Airport
29.8.2018 12:47
Now we’re not saying corporate travelers ever hope for a flight delay or layover, but there are a few airports they certainly wouldn’t mind being stuck in. Find out the top 10 airports in the world for 2018 and see if your favorite is included, too.
Lentojen kompensointi
15.3.2018 15:31
Airline KLM’s CO2ZERO compensation service enables passengers to compensate for their flight-related carbon emissions and neutralise their flight’s carbon footprint. Read more on how you can help reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.
Lentolipun toimitus
10.1.2018 12:38
We unify our processes based on feedback from our customers and will cease to send separate flight e-tickets from January 8th, 2018 on. This means that next year, when your flight ticket has been issued, you will get a final travel confirmation including your e-ticket number by email. This you recognize by the subject "Final - confirmation incl ticket no".


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