GBT employee

3.12.2019 17:08
We are pleased to introduce you to Johan Wilson, the new Vice President and General Manager for American Express Global Business Travel’s (GBT) Nordic region.
Kipinästä roihuksi - näin teet onnistuneen yritystapahtuman
3.12.2019 13:53
How does your event make attendees feel? Excited, inspired – hopefully not bored? It is time to reinvent the “business event”, says event professional Kaisa Eljaala. Collect Kaisa's hints here.
Jutta Vatanen
17.9.2019 13:49
Many employees are quite accustomed to integrations. They inevitably mean a change in many ways to people, to us as employees. Here, you need to start looking at the principles of change leadership: how to make people work towards a common goal and learn to appreciate diversity and turn it into a strength. These things are far from simple and do not happen on their own or overnight. Where should you start?
Kaisa Eljaala
17.9.2019 13:42
Did you know that we can also help you with different company events both in Finland and abroad? We strengthened our events team six months ago by hiring a seasoned professional, Kaisa Eljaala, to lead the events team. It's time to get to know Kaisa better.
Ari Ilonen
13.6.2019 13:18
Finland lives by its exports. Smooth international trade will ensure our success both now and in the future. Are your travellers enjoying their trips, however? Finns are the world’s happiest people, but do you know how happy your employees are on their business trips? What would motivate them to follow the travel rules?
13.6.2019 13:16
Travel experts do demanding customer service work where customer needs may be anything from train tickets to a trip around the world. The easier reservations have moved to the increasingly popular online services, and the service team’s expertise is mostly required in challenging cases. Read more on Travel Care work and their lead Annikki Piispa.
Jutta Vatanen
27.3.2019 12:49
In recent years, I have talked a lot about doing good and combining it with the company’s operations. Many things fall under “social responsibility”, but if we consider charity to be one part of it, companies have a lot of ways to do good. What alternatives there are and which fits whom, wonders Jutta Vatanen.
Susanne Lindroos
7.12.2018 12:26
Together with our customers, we have implemented a major change by transitioning to using the new online booking service, which is based on the KDS Neo tool. Like any change, this has been more challenging for some users than others. I would like to thank everyone for your efforts, support and active participation in this time of learning new things, says our Director of Development Susanne Lindroos.
Christer Nordlund
4.12.2018 13:15
Meet Christer Nordlund, the new Vice President and General Manager for American Express Global Business Travel’s Nordic region where Finland belongs, too. Christer has a long experience of business travel in HRG, thus his appointment will drive the smooth integration of GBT and HRG into the world’s leading business partner for managed travel.
Eva Toivanen
3.12.2018 16:05
American Express Global Business Travel focuses on travellers. And no wonder – they are our end users. Consequently, we have named the business travel teams as Traveler Care services to reflect what we are ultimately here for: focusing on travellers’ needs.


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