Miia Öhman
31.5.2018 13:37
If (and hopefully when) you started as our client, Miia Öhman and her teammates have been pulling the strings in the background. You see, Miia works as an expert in Sales Support and manages several tacit but necessary activities that allow your travel reservations to work properly. It is time to get to know Miia better.
Lotta Wikman Wolt
30.3.2017 17:58
Wolt is a technology start-up for which the efficient use of time is important. - We have enough on our plate when we concentrate on developing our services. We have no time to surf around the Web to find cheap flights, General Manager Lotta Wikman sums up the benefits for using a travel agency – for Wolt and all other start-ups too. Check out her other tips here.
Elina Mustonen NIB
16.8.2016 13:56
At the turn of the year, when Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) arranged competitive bidding for its travel agency services, it was looking for cost-efficient services and a partner that explores and utilises technical solutions in a modern and user-friendly way.
26.1.2016 13:48
A company that operates in 30 countries needs easy and cost-efficient business travel. This can be achieved with a booking system and other travel services provided by a competent partner that follows the latest development. Uponor, an international provider of indoor climate and water supply systems, chose SMT as its business travel agency after a tendering process in 2013.
8.12.2015 16:04
What attracts me about business travel is its dynamic, fast pace nature and its global reach. Current megatrends such as consumerism, digitalization and emerging markets are affecting the evolution of travel management and set new requirements to Travel Management Companies' expertise and geographic scope.
9.10.2015 18:04
Since 2012, Fortum has been following Strategic Meeting Management Programme with its meetings and events. What path have they travelled so far and what advantages have they gained? Let Anette McCarthy, Purchasing Manager Indirect Services for Fortum, tell us more.
8.10.2015 17:47
Rapala is the number one name in fishing tackle, whose products are sold in 120 countries around the world. SMT has taken over Rapala Group's travel services. Group Travel Manager Katariina Kokko is happy with the smooth implementation.
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