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Kipinästä roihuksi - näin teet onnistuneen yritystapahtuman
3.12.2019 13:53
How does your event make attendees feel? Excited, inspired – hopefully not bored? It is time to reinvent the “business event”, says event professional Kaisa Eljaala. Collect Kaisa's hints here.
Jutta Vatanen
17.9.2019 13:49
Many employees are quite accustomed to integrations. They inevitably mean a change in many ways to people, to us as employees. Here, you need to start looking at the principles of change leadership: how to make people work towards a common goal and learn to appreciate diversity and turn it into a strength. These things are far from simple and do not happen on their own or overnight. Where should you start?
Kaisa Eljaala
17.9.2019 13:42
Did you know that we can also help you with different company events both in Finland and abroad? We strengthened our events team six months ago by hiring a seasoned professional, Kaisa Eljaala, to lead the events team. It's time to get to know Kaisa better.
17.9.2019 13:33
Tampere was chosen as Finland's best city for tourism, and it takes second place in the Finnish conference statistics. In August 2019, Tampere attracted more than 60,000 spectators, 80 lorries and quite a pile of pyrotechnics for two concerts by German legends Rammstein. No wonder, then, that the sauna capital of the world attracts more and more guests for events, meetings and conferences each year. So, why not take a trip to Tampere yourself?
Scandic Hotelsin kuulumisia
22.3.2018 12:49
Scandic Hotels Group has acquired Restel’s hotel operations in Finland. Today, Scandic has 230 hotels in operation and under development, 28 of which are in Finland. Restel’s portfolio includes 43 hotels in Finland. Following the acquisition, Scandic will have a nationwide hotel coverage in Finland. All the new hotels will be rebranded to Scandic feel and look by the end of June, 2018. The rebranding is already ongoing - read more about it here.
Jutta Vatanen Ville Tolvanen
17.10.2017 10:18
"I encourage everyone to be brave, try out new things and push boundaries. I strongly believe that creativity goes hand in hand with audacity. You need to be able to think outside the box and create something that others have not yet come up with. Not all people, however, are audacious or creative, and that is also fine.", says Jutta Vatanen from SMTevents, a brave one herself.
Paras messuosasto
2.2.2017 19:19
Did you, too, enjoy a bit of rocking and hygge at SMT’s booth in the Business Forum section of the Matka 2017 travel fair? Did you know that our booth was built by SMT’s own events team together with our partners? You can also utilise our experience and network and turn event organisation and booth building into a hygge experience. But how? Read more here.
Jutta Vatanen
2.2.2017 19:02
As usual, SMT took part in the Travel Fair in Helsinki. This time, we offered visitors the chance to have a bit of ‘hygge’ in a rocking chair. During the day, I got to tell quite a few people what hygge is and why they need it. However, we did have our reasons to invite our friends to share a bit of hygge at the fair. What might it be? Find it out here.
Jäätikön sankarit
2.2.2017 18:31
The grey winter weather fit like a glove when SMT took our customers to get acquainted with safety on the road and during business trips. After this, we all are heroes of the ice.
Jutta Vatanen
7.12.2016 18:03
A very crude generalisation on working ability events would be that, for many companies, they mean “Let’s do team-building group activities” a couple of times per year. The next day, the team building is completely forgotten by everyone. We at SMT Events organise a range of events for our clients, including those on work ability. We have personal experience in various practices, so we can easily challenge our clients in work ability promotion. So check out our ideas.


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