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Mikael Ek
7.12.2016 16:13
Miltä tapahtumat näyttävät ensi vuonna täällä Pohjoismaissa? Meidän Pohjolaamme kannattaakin tarkastella omana alueenaan, sillä jotkin kansainväliset uutuudet ovat meille tuttua kauraa, toiset taas eivät vielä ole rantautuneet tänne pohjoiseen. Tutustutaan siis tarkemmin meihin tapahtumien suunnittelijoina American Express Meetings and Eventsin ennusteen pohjalta.
Icelandair Islanti
7.12.2016 16:05
Do you know what the fastest connection from Finland to Boston, Seattle or other North American destinations is? The answer is Icelandair via Reykjavik. Although you can reach North America in a flash, you should remember Iceland as well. The country’s unique nature and friendly atmosphere attract meeting and business travellers as well as tourists.
Wacra Conference 2016
3.11.2016 13:30
In late August, the customer relations managers of the world’s airlines gathered in Helsinki, where Finnair hosted the annual WACRA (Worldwide Airline Customer Relations Association) conference for the first time. SMT came to help. Read more on our cooperation in the arrangements of an international conference.
22.9.2016 16:20
How should you run a taxi business when the most powerful technology companies in the world are investing billions in getting rid of the drivers? And should managing directors participate in dealing with customer complaints from time to time in order to keep a real connection with their customers? A group of some twenty business managers and management consultants thought about the theme.
Mikaela Nieminen
26.8.2016 12:28
Does your company also end up arranging events at the last minute? Christmas parties come to mind in October, customer events are held wherever there is room and personnel events are arranged on the company’s premises, since everywhere else is full. And why not – there’s usually some corner you can find at the last minute. Nevertheless, should you stop and think about this every now and then? Is this the time to renew yourself and your events? You do not necessarily even need more money.
16.8.2016 13:56
The BlueNordic conference in Helsinki brought together experts from the Nordic countries. – This was quite a large event which was organised under a tight schedule, so we definitely benefited from having expert help, describes Project Coordinator Eero Mikkola from the Natural Resources Institute Finland. – We chose to partner with SMT because it offered the most promising price–quality ratio but also because it was a safe option as a seasoned expert in organising events.
Suomalainen Kirjakauppa
16.8.2016 13:54
Late last year, Suomalainen Kirjakauppa faced the same situation where several others have been as well: the company no longer had the in-house resources for organising events. – We had to decide whether we should purchase our own tool for managing the registration of attendance and assign a person responsible for it or outsource our event management, explains Administration Director Pirjo Hämäläinen. SMT offered to help.
22.4.2016 12:29
Marja Rikkinen is responsible for ensuring that your trip goes well - even when you are travelling with a group of 20, 80 or even 500 people. Marja works as a Project Manager at SMT and helps our customers arrange group travel. Here are her tips for a successful group trip
Viking Gabriella Bistrotek
22.4.2016 09:38
Viking Gabriella spent the past few weeks in a shipyard in southern Sweden and sailed home to Finland on 21 April. The fully renovated boat will now offer luxurious cruises between Helsinki and Stockholm and, in the summer, also day cruises to Tallinn.
9.3.2016 15:36
The SMTroundtable gathered business event arrangers and representatives of the media together to discuss and hear about the latest research on event trends in Finland and the world. Topics such as the utilisation of mobile services and the importance of event management emerged in the fruitful discussions.


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