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8.12.2015 15:55
Do you know you total spend of business travel and Meetings & Events? What percentage of your potential savings disappears into wind?
8.12.2015 15:46
Should you record your event on video? More and more businesses are recording their customer events, company presentations, internal meetings and events. SMT tested the video recording of the SMTnetwork event.
8.12.2015 15:45
Today’s trend in events is results. How much new and useful information did you receive, how many contacts did you make and how good were you at networking?
10.10.2015 11:16
In October, Abloy gathered their international importers and Finnish retailers in London for two large conferences. SMT's Events and Meetings team managed the practical arrangements, from surveys to meeting technology and from advertising banners to gala hairdos.
10.10.2015 11:10
In June 2014, international attendees gathered at Marina Congress Center in Helsinki for the Hidden Competences conference. SMT's event team handled the attendance management, website and practical arrangements for the conference. Helena Kähkönen from CIMO shares her best ideas and experiences.
9.10.2015 18:04
Since 2012, Fortum has been following Strategic Meeting Management Programme with its meetings and events. What path have they travelled so far and what advantages have they gained? Let Anette McCarthy, Purchasing Manager Indirect Services for Fortum, tell us more.
9.10.2015 17:54
Nearly one thousand young people on twenty different flights, three tent saunas inside sea containers and friends from 150 countries. And the passphrase is Wa. What is it?
8.10.2015 17:47
Rapala is the number one name in fishing tackle, whose products are sold in 120 countries around the world. SMT has taken over Rapala Group's travel services. Group Travel Manager Katariina Kokko is happy with the smooth implementation.


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