Uudistunut mobiilipalvelu
4.5.2020 13:47
We know how difficult traveling for business can be at times and we want to do whatever we can to make it easier for our corporate travelers, which is why we are constantly striving to perfect our tools and technology. This includes our Amex GBT Mobile app, which we recently have rebuilt and are relaunching.
Susanne Lindroos
7.12.2018 12:26
Together with our customers, we have implemented a major change by transitioning to using the new online booking service, which is based on the KDS Neo tool. Like any change, this has been more challenging for some users than others. I would like to thank everyone for your efforts, support and active participation in this time of learning new things, says our Director of Development Susanne Lindroos.
Gabriela Suortti
1.2.2018 14:56
Finnish business travellers are often passionate engineers at heart. 94% of Finnish people under the age of 55 own a smartphone. Online shopping is among the most common use cases for smartphones. In business trips, the opposite is true. What happens to the bleeding-edge engineer’s heart when they need to use a travel agency reservation app?
Parhaat hotellivinkit
8.3.2017 10:14
Meneekö joskus sormi suuhun kaupunkien hotellitarjonnan kohdalla? Miten löydät juuri sinun tarpeisiisi sopivan hotellin? Kokosimme sinulle muutaman hyvän hotellisurffausvinkin SMT:n online-ekspertin Nella Muuriaisniemen kanssa.
Uutta matkavarauksessa
2.2.2017 18:35
The world of business travel is changing around us, perhaps quicker than ever. It invites both travel agencies and Travel Managers to change with it, offering travellers new, even more useful opportunities. Pick the latest trends and ensure that you make the most of all the opportunities.
Tommi Lassila
7.12.2016 16:04
Did you know that invoice processing is a costly and time-consuming task for your financial administration? This is why you should also have an efficient process for your travel purchases. Here, you can read SEB’s Finnish Branch Manager Tommi Lassila’s best tips for easy and cost-efficient payments.
Internet of Things
31.5.2016 16:17
IoT stands for Internet of Things. But what does it mean? IoT is a network of items and equipment that can collect and exchange information over a network connection. These include mobile phones, smart watches, vehicles and buildings with embedded electronics, software or sensors.
20.5.2016 17:06
Are you already familiar with SMT’s new Smart Travel Confirmation? The service is a traveller’s best friend and it follows you on your mobile phone, tablet or PC. With the Smart Travel Confirmation, you will always conveniently find all the information and additional services related to your trip in your pocket. The Smart Travel Confirmation is now available in app stores for iOS and soon also for Android. Download it now in your smartphone. You'll find it in the store with the name SMT Itin.
18.2.2016 12:20
Hotel reservations are an integral part of Stora Enso’s travel booking process. The company employs thousands of people who travel for work and makes reservations both in Finland and internationally.
8.12.2015 15:57
We have been focusing on valuable face to face customer meetings in our events for over a year. We have done many new things during our events and have also experimented in the field of technology. But can technology really add value to an event?


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