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Uudistunut mobiilipalvelu
4.5.2020 13:47
We know how difficult traveling for business can be at times and we want to do whatever we can to make it easier for our corporate travelers, which is why we are constantly striving to perfect our tools and technology. This includes our Amex GBT Mobile app, which we recently have rebuilt and are relaunching.
Varaa oikein
9.7.2019 16:08
Have you ever tried to get the best possible flight fare or route by combining several different return tickets and planning to criss-cross them, or to use outward flight on one ticket and inward flight on the other? It may feel like a great idea in the beginning, but believe us - it does not pay in the long run. With a bit of bad luck, you may end up - instead of a double booking - with no booking at all. Find out what to do.
Varaa hotelli
26.3.2019 14:44
Looking for a good hotel? One that’s near your meeting venue and in line with your company’s travel rule, of course. If you sometimes feel confused by the broad selection of hotels, these tips will help you find the right one in our online reservation service.
Susanne Lindroos
7.12.2018 12:26
Together with our customers, we have implemented a major change by transitioning to using the new online booking service, which is based on the KDS Neo tool. Like any change, this has been more challenging for some users than others. I would like to thank everyone for your efforts, support and active participation in this time of learning new things, says our Director of Development Susanne Lindroos.
Miia Öhman
31.5.2018 13:37
If (and hopefully when) you started as our client, Miia Öhman and her teammates have been pulling the strings in the background. You see, Miia works as an expert in Sales Support and manages several tacit but necessary activities that allow your travel reservations to work properly. It is time to get to know Miia better.
Liikematkalle ovelta ovelle
22.3.2018 13:01
Are you already using the new SMT Online booking service which is based on the international KDS Neo tool? Did you know that the service provides you with various booking options and you can select the one that is best for your trip? Read more on the alternatives here.
Gabriela Suortti
1.2.2018 14:56
Finnish business travellers are often passionate engineers at heart. 94% of Finnish people under the age of 55 own a smartphone. Online shopping is among the most common use cases for smartphones. In business trips, the opposite is true. What happens to the bleeding-edge engineer’s heart when they need to use a travel agency reservation app?
SMT Online
1.2.2018 14:52
Are you already using the new SMT Online which is based on the KDS Neo reservation service? The service is continuously being developed based on customer feedback, and January saw a number of anticipated improvements. Read more about them here.
Sujuvat matkavaraukset
22.11.2017 15:38
We are all accustomed to booking our own trips online and surfing the different websites. Why does booking your own business trip seem so difficult? How can a company make travellers feel that making travel reservations is easy and quick even without a travel arranger’s assistance?
Mitä tarkoittaa NDC?
17.10.2017 15:16
In the past few years, travel service vendors and customers have started using the word “NDC”, short for “New Distribution Capabilities”. The abbreviation has even been a source of heated debate, but what does it mean and how does it benefit a travelling customer?


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