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17.9.2019 13:35
Business travelers are today in a key position in terms of data security. As web connections became faster abroad, the risk of hacking has also been increasing. Read tips for more secure travel here.
EMAn palvelut suomalaisille yrityksille
22.3.2018 10:53
What to do in case a business traveller becomes seriously ill somewhere in Siberia? Can you fly with an ear infection? How well is your hospitalised employee cared for in China? Is the patient at risk of being “trapped” by a private clinic that charges high rates for excessive medical treatment?
Jarno Limnell
7.9.2017 18:38
Today, safety is also about knowledge and the ability to act. How safe do you feel?Data theft, ransomware, terrorism… Digital and physical threats reduce the feeling of safety. Security risks make you think especially when you travel farther away. Jarno Limnéll is one of the leading safety experts in Finland. See Jarno's hints and videos here.
Jäätikön sankarit
2.2.2017 18:31
The grey winter weather fit like a glove when SMT took our customers to get acquainted with safety on the road and during business trips. After this, we all are heroes of the ice.
Gabriela Suortti
7.12.2016 16:11
Our new owner and international partner American Express Global Business Travel envisioned business travel in 2017. Walk through these rising trends with SMT’s Gabriela Suortti to see whether your company is at the forefront of travel or still thinking about yesteryear.
Ari Ilonen
3.11.2016 13:50
In the past few years, the world has become a much more uncertain place, with terrorist attacks, the threat of war, coups, natural disasters and major accidents. We read about these topics every day from various channels. Uncertainty impacts consumers, and the destinations favoured by tourists change rapidly. But how do uncertainty and the increased sense of unsafety affect business travel?
3.11.2016 13:48
– When travellers see a sign that warns them of pickpockets, they subconsciously feel their breast pocket – or wherever they keep their valuables – and, thereby, show the location to onlooking criminals, explains Totti Karpela and a room full of travel management and safety professionals bursts into laughter. Despite the funny examples, however, this is a serious matter. Lots of things might happen around the world. Read more on traveller safety and duty of care.
Totti Karpela
3.11.2016 13:47
– Companies and travellers are taking travel safety way too lightly, says Totti Karpela, the CEO of Peace of Mind training company, former police officer and a subject matter expert for the European Council. – It is not considered part of risk management, and it receives too little attention. ‘I am sure I will be fine’ is a common defence mechanism. Pick up Totti's tips on safe travelling.
22.9.2016 14:16
The Foreign Ministry’s travel notification service is intended for all Finnish citizens and foreign nationals with a permanent residence in Finland. Even though your travel agency follows the global situation and is able to locate travellers, it is better to be safe than sorry.
Elina Mustonen NIB
16.8.2016 13:56
At the turn of the year, when Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) arranged competitive bidding for its travel agency services, it was looking for cost-efficient services and a partner that explores and utilises technical solutions in a modern and user-friendly way.


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