Services onboard

17.9.2019 13:37
Taking a cab in some cities can cost you an arm and a leg, while in others, fares can be surprisingly good value and provide the best option for getting around. American Express Global Business Travel takes a look at tariffs charged by taxis, across the globe, for getting from the airport to the city center, with train fares for comparison where relevant.
Varaa oikein
9.7.2019 16:08
Have you ever tried to get the best possible flight fare or route by combining several different return tickets and planning to criss-cross them, or to use outward flight on one ticket and inward flight on the other? It may feel like a great idea in the beginning, but believe us - it does not pay in the long run. With a bit of bad luck, you may end up - instead of a double booking - with no booking at all. Find out what to do.
Säästä ja nauti
27.3.2019 10:53
Sure, it’s nice to be able to save your company money on business travel, but have you thought about why doing so may be in your own best interest?
Brexit vaikutukset liikematkustukseen
26.3.2019 12:56
How will Brexit affect travelers? What should they prepare themselves to? What about Travel Managers editing their travel policies? It is all available here. Click and collect the tips.
Matkustajien Minority Report
10.10.2018 12:52
When “Minority Report” hit theaters in 2002, who would have imagined just how accurate its depiction of the future world would be — or just how fast those technologies would come? But here we are 15 years later, and a lot of the futuristic elements in the film, set in 2054, have become a reality even for business travellers.
Changi Airport
29.8.2018 12:47
Now we’re not saying corporate travelers ever hope for a flight delay or layover, but there are a few airports they certainly wouldn’t mind being stuck in. Find out the top 10 airports in the world for 2018 and see if your favorite is included, too.
Vinkit Kiinaan matkustaville
22.3.2018 12:24
Even for veteran business travelers, visiting China can be a disorienting experience. From navigating all the entry requirements to finding your way around a country where little English is spoken, a trip to the People’s Republic requires extra preparation and patience. With these tips, you can make your trip there a successful one.
EMAn palvelut suomalaisille yrityksille
22.3.2018 10:53
What to do in case a business traveller becomes seriously ill somewhere in Siberia? Can you fly with an ear infection? How well is your hospitalised employee cared for in China? Is the patient at risk of being “trapped” by a private clinic that charges high rates for excessive medical treatment?
Hertz Ultimate Choice
22.11.2017 15:09
​Have you also been wondering what “Ford Focus or equivalent” actually means? Would a black car be more impressive than a red one? Wonder no more, because Hertz Ultimate Choice gives you exactly the car you want. No equivalents.
10.10.2017 12:20
Did you know that you get automatically all these advantages when booking your Norwegian Air Shuttle flight via American Express GBT?


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