Jutta Vatanen
27.3.2019 12:49
In recent years, I have talked a lot about doing good and combining it with the company’s operations. Many things fall under “social responsibility”, but if we consider charity to be one part of it, companies have a lot of ways to do good. What alternatives there are and which fits whom, wonders Jutta Vatanen.
SMT ja Resonaarin pojat Matkamessuilla
22.3.2018 13:02
We at SMT talk a lot about sustainability as do (hopefully) many other companies. For us, sustainability means being a responsible employer that takes care of its personnel regardless of their age, gender or background. We offer training, opportunities for professional development and ways to deal with the changing customer needs to absolutely everyone. No one is left alone.
Lentojen kompensointi
15.3.2018 15:31
Airline KLM’s CO2ZERO compensation service enables passengers to compensate for their flight-related carbon emissions and neutralise their flight’s carbon footprint. Read more on how you can help reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.
Hyvä olo Maaret Kallio
7.9.2017 18:41
"It is so important to understand that one's mind cannot be stressed forever. Excessiveness never provides good results. You must take care on the mental well-being, managing and recovery", emphasises Maaret Kallio from tv. Read more why well-being is so important for a business traveller.
KLM and sustainability
23.5.2017 09:04
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are formulated by the UN to strive for a more sustainable future. Young environmentalist Ralien Bekkers asks KLM's Inka Pieter how KLM contributes to these goals. And what can a single traveller do?
30.3.2017 17:32
At the turn of the year, the Finnish Parliament approved the implementation of the EU’s so-called Disclosure of Non-Financial Information Directive in Finland. The directive defines the disclosure of non-financial and diversity information on the part of certain kinds of companies. The areas of responsibility mentioned in the directive are the environment; social responsibility and employees; anti-corruption and anti-bribery activities; and supporting diversity. How does it affect your company? Read more.
Valtaako ikävä joskus mielen työmatkalla?
30.3.2017 10:00
Bubbly glamour life in an airport lounge or homesickness in a hotel room? These days, business travel is rarely associated with a jet set lifestyle or opulent surroundings. Instead, travelling for a living is now more demanding than it used to be. Pick psychotherapist Maaret Kallio's tips for work-related travel here.
Ari Ilonen
3.11.2016 13:50
In the past few years, the world has become a much more uncertain place, with terrorist attacks, the threat of war, coups, natural disasters and major accidents. We read about these topics every day from various channels. Uncertainty impacts consumers, and the destinations favoured by tourists change rapidly. But how do uncertainty and the increased sense of unsafety affect business travel?
3.11.2016 13:48
– When travellers see a sign that warns them of pickpockets, they subconsciously feel their breast pocket – or wherever they keep their valuables – and, thereby, show the location to onlooking criminals, explains Totti Karpela and a room full of travel management and safety professionals bursts into laughter. Despite the funny examples, however, this is a serious matter. Lots of things might happen around the world. Read more on traveller safety and duty of care.
Totti Karpela
3.11.2016 13:47
– Companies and travellers are taking travel safety way too lightly, says Totti Karpela, the CEO of Peace of Mind training company, former police officer and a subject matter expert for the European Council. – It is not considered part of risk management, and it receives too little attention. ‘I am sure I will be fine’ is a common defence mechanism. Pick up Totti's tips on safe travelling.


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