Travel policy

17.9.2019 13:35
Business travelers are today in a key position in terms of data security. As web connections became faster abroad, the risk of hacking has also been increasing. Read tips for more secure travel here.
Ari Ilonen
13.6.2019 13:18
Finland lives by its exports. Smooth international trade will ensure our success both now and in the future. Are your travellers enjoying their trips, however? Finns are the world’s happiest people, but do you know how happy your employees are on their business trips? What would motivate them to follow the travel rules?
Matkustusohjeen myytit
13.6.2019 10:13
We know there are a lot of misconceptions traveling employees (and even some travel managers) have about managed travel. So today let’s lay to rest some of the confusion once and for all by debunking four common myths.
Liikematkustuksen trendit
13.6.2019 10:10
What trends are impacting your corporate travel program? From NDC to Brexit and disruptions, both good and bad, today we will explore a few phenomena that can have an impact on your business travel program.
Matkustuksen trendit 2019
26.3.2019 14:56
We know how difficult it can be to stay on top of all the industry news, so we’re hoping to make that task easier for you. That is why we’ll be featuring a roundup of useful news items that we carefully have chosen for business travelers, travel managers and those involved in the company’s travel program.
Brexit vaikutukset liikematkustukseen
26.3.2019 12:56
How will Brexit affect travelers? What should they prepare themselves to? What about Travel Managers editing their travel policies? It is all available here. Click and collect the tips.
Millainen Travel Manager sinä olet?
31.5.2018 09:48
So you may use surveys and other tools to learn more about the experiences of your travelers for inspiration on how to fine-tune the travel program, but today we’re turning the tables on all you travel managers (TM). After all, you are an essential ingredient in the success of the company’s travel program and what kind of manager you are sets the entire tone. So read the five types of TMs we’ve profiled below to see where you’re crushing it and where there’s room for improvement.
29.1.2018 17:49
Today we are looking at what should be on travel managers’ (TM) radars as they prepare their travellers and programs for a post-Brexit world.
Matkustusohjeiden keskittäminen
20.11.2017 16:38
Increasing savings for many companies can be a long game strategy rather than an instantaneous win. This was true for one of our customers in Latin America, Grupo Alfa, who has more than 50 subsidiaries and 10,000 travelers. One way they wanted to increase their savings was by consolidating all of their subsidiary travel programs and adopting an online booking strategy to alleviate their onsite booking. Find out how they succeeded.
Oletko Travelleri-Timppa vai Säästäjä-Saija?
13.10.2017 12:22
It’s one of the biggest compliance struggles travel managers have: getting their business travelers to book their overnight stays through the company-approved tools. With direct booking through hotel apps and online travel agencies gaining popularity, it’s been a hard battle to win. To help boost your hotel attachment rate, American Express Global Business Travel has identified five types of business travelers, what it is they are seeking from their hotel booking experience and how, together, we can best fulfill their needs. Find it out here


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