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Brexit vaikutukset liikematkustukseen
26.3.2019 12:56
How will Brexit affect travelers? What should they prepare themselves to? What about Travel Managers editing their travel policies? It is all available here. Click and collect the tips.
Susanne Lindroos
7.12.2018 12:26
Together with our customers, we have implemented a major change by transitioning to using the new online booking service, which is based on the KDS Neo tool. Like any change, this has been more challenging for some users than others. I would like to thank everyone for your efforts, support and active participation in this time of learning new things, says our Director of Development Susanne Lindroos.
Eva Toivanen
3.12.2018 16:05
American Express Global Business Travel focuses on travellers. And no wonder – they are our end users. Consequently, we have named the business travel teams as Traveler Care services to reflect what we are ultimately here for: focusing on travellers’ needs.
Kirsi Paakkari
10.10.2018 13:27
In her editorial, SMT's Managing Director Kirsi Paakkari explains that on 29 October 2018, the name SMT will be history. SMT carries with it a broad spectrum of emotions and stories as well as people who have become friends under its brand. The friendships will remain even with the new name. The world is developing faster than ever before, and our presence will be even stronger wherever you are.
Jason Geall
10.10.2018 13:05
Jason Geall is the Vice President and Regional General Manager, North Europe in American Express Global Business Travel. In this role, he has been actively involved in SMT integration and kept a close eye on us and our customers. In this video, Jason sends his greetings to the Finnish customers.
Tekoäly matkalla
10.10.2018 13:03
“AI” is a buzzword being thrown around in the industry a lot these days. Such technology dramatically can enhance the business travel experience. Marilyn Markham, global product director at American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) explains a few ways how.
Matkustajien Minority Report
10.10.2018 12:52
When “Minority Report” hit theaters in 2002, who would have imagined just how accurate its depiction of the future world would be — or just how fast those technologies would come? But here we are 15 years later, and a lot of the futuristic elements in the film, set in 2054, have become a reality even for business travellers.
10.10.2018 11:05
From October 29, 2018 our name will be American Express Global Business Travel. What does it mean in practice? We collected some of the most common questions here.
Gabriela Suortti
29.8.2018 13:29
At work, we find it easier to do things ourselves, as delegating them feels more challenging. Why do we continue to do this, even though someone else could do the same thing better and quicker? This would also save your precious time for something more important.
31.5.2018 09:55
I have come across many mirrors in the past week, says SMT's Managing Director Kirsi Paakkari. - I read a very interesting book by Pekka Mattila that discussed “mirrors in leadership” and, right after that, during the Luottamusfoorumi event, Mikael Pentikäinen encouraged everyone to “pick up the mirror” if you face a trust issue. Open communication – with yourself as well – is the prerequisite for creating and maintaining trust. And if a leader or company loses its trust, can it be earned back? I believe it is possible, but it will require everyday actions and evidence, dialogue, collaboration and flexibility.


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