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Ari Ilonen
30.5.2018 17:17
A contract is a shared promise. For travel services, it is the intention of both parties to engage in something larger. This intention needs to materialise in the correct manner. Good planning and flawless purchasing are no longer enough. What happens after the purchase has been made? Is it being implemented as planned? Who is tracking it?
SMT ja Resonaarin pojat Matkamessuilla
22.3.2018 13:02
We at SMT talk a lot about sustainability as do (hopefully) many other companies. For us, sustainability means being a responsible employer that takes care of its personnel regardless of their age, gender or background. We offer training, opportunities for professional development and ways to deal with the changing customer needs to absolutely everyone. No one is left alone.
Vinkit Kiinaan matkustaville
22.3.2018 12:24
Even for veteran business travelers, visiting China can be a disorienting experience. From navigating all the entry requirements to finding your way around a country where little English is spoken, a trip to the People’s Republic requires extra preparation and patience. With these tips, you can make your trip there a successful one.
Miltä tulevaisuus näyttää?
1.2.2018 13:14
What does the world of business travel look like in 2018? Will the costs rise? Will the offering change? What worries travellers? Join us and take a peak in our crystal ball.
29.1.2018 17:49
Today we are looking at what should be on travel managers’ (TM) radars as they prepare their travellers and programs for a post-Brexit world.
Kirsi Paakkari
22.11.2017 16:19
This year, courage has become one of the most popular themes in business speech and company blogs, and it is even becoming an attribute in company values. In this spirit, I would like to challenge companies to bravely consider how genuine their values are. If the deeper significance of values to the employees and the company’s business is not understood, they will become plastered-on and disappear in the flow of forgotten PowerPoint presentations.
Jutta Vatanen Ville Tolvanen
17.10.2017 10:18
"I encourage everyone to be brave, try out new things and push boundaries. I strongly believe that creativity goes hand in hand with audacity. You need to be able to think outside the box and create something that others have not yet come up with. Not all people, however, are audacious or creative, and that is also fine.", says Jutta Vatanen from SMTevents, a brave one herself.
Oletko Travelleri-Timppa vai Säästäjä-Saija?
13.10.2017 12:22
It’s one of the biggest compliance struggles travel managers have: getting their business travelers to book their overnight stays through the company-approved tools. With direct booking through hotel apps and online travel agencies gaining popularity, it’s been a hard battle to win. To help boost your hotel attachment rate, American Express Global Business Travel has identified five types of business travelers, what it is they are seeking from their hotel booking experience and how, together, we can best fulfill their needs. Find it out here
Susanne Lindroos
8.9.2017 15:11
In the near future, we all will experience the greatest change that has influenced business travel in decades. It has something to do with online bookings and online services. So join Susanne Lindroos, Director for IT and development in SMT and take a peak into the future.
Hyvä olo Maaret Kallio
7.9.2017 18:41
"It is so important to understand that one's mind cannot be stressed forever. Excessiveness never provides good results. You must take care on the mental well-being, managing and recovery", emphasises Maaret Kallio from tv. Read more why well-being is so important for a business traveller.


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