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Kirsi Paakkari
9.6.2017 08:28
The world around us is changing at an ever-increasing rate. The more we focus on the future and try to understand the impact and potential created by changing trends in our business environment, the better equipped we are to meet even surprising challenges. What are the changes in business travel? SMT's Managing Director Kirsi Paakkari reflects them.
Hyvä asiakaskohtaaminen
24.5.2017 15:32
When travellers contact the service team for booking business trips, they expect to get good customer service. But what is good customer service? A friendly and helpful salesperson who books the flight according to the client’s wishes is no longer enough.
Maaret Kallio ja liikematkustajan tunnetaidot
24.5.2017 15:29
Business travel is challenging both physically and mentally. The work requires emotional skills which, according to psychotherapist Maaret Kallio, are not a given for everyone. If negative emotions are left undealt with, they create a snowball effect that grows and grows. Read more on business traveller's emotional skills.
Ari Ilonen
30.3.2017 18:01
The forms of work are being renewed as the mobile world expands. Mobility increases but so does changing information. How will it reach you on the road? Does your service provider offer ease or just one more bump on the road?
Puhutko samaa kieltä matkustajien kanssa?
30.3.2017 17:51
You have just published the latest travel policy, intending to reduce extraneous costs, concentrate purchases on selected contractual partners and ensure the safety of travellers on the road. You have done a good job but your Monday morning has started poorly. You’re accused of not understanding the needs of Timmy Traveller. How can you speak the same language as your travellers?
30.3.2017 17:32
At the turn of the year, the Finnish Parliament approved the implementation of the EU’s so-called Disclosure of Non-Financial Information Directive in Finland. The directive defines the disclosure of non-financial and diversity information on the part of certain kinds of companies. The areas of responsibility mentioned in the directive are the environment; social responsibility and employees; anti-corruption and anti-bribery activities; and supporting diversity. How does it affect your company? Read more.
Paras messuosasto
2.2.2017 19:19
Did you, too, enjoy a bit of rocking and hygge at SMT’s booth in the Business Forum section of the Matka 2017 travel fair? Did you know that our booth was built by SMT’s own events team together with our partners? You can also utilise our experience and network and turn event organisation and booth building into a hygge experience. But how? Read more here.
Jutta Vatanen
2.2.2017 19:02
As usual, SMT took part in the Travel Fair in Helsinki. This time, we offered visitors the chance to have a bit of ‘hygge’ in a rocking chair. During the day, I got to tell quite a few people what hygge is and why they need it. However, we did have our reasons to invite our friends to share a bit of hygge at the fair. What might it be? Find it out here.
2.2.2017 18:41
The ‘hygge’ phenomenon has become an international trend. People in the working life are talking about hygge, downshifting and slowing your life down. All of these terms share the common goal of the pursuit of happiness. But what does hygge have to do with the working life? Faiz Alsuhail, Head of Research at Statistics Finland, is passionate about the Danish language and culture. He sees hygge as a philosophy of life that can also be beneficial in the working life.
Uutta matkavarauksessa
2.2.2017 18:35
The world of business travel is changing around us, perhaps quicker than ever. It invites both travel agencies and Travel Managers to change with it, offering travellers new, even more useful opportunities. Pick the latest trends and ensure that you make the most of all the opportunities.


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