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Jutta Vatanen
7.12.2016 18:03
A very crude generalisation on working ability events would be that, for many companies, they mean “Let’s do team-building group activities” a couple of times per year. The next day, the team building is completely forgotten by everyone. We at SMT Events organise a range of events for our clients, including those on work ability. We have personal experience in various practices, so we can easily challenge our clients in work ability promotion. So check out our ideas.
Mikael Ek
7.12.2016 16:13
Miltä tapahtumat näyttävät ensi vuonna täällä Pohjoismaissa? Meidän Pohjolaamme kannattaakin tarkastella omana alueenaan, sillä jotkin kansainväliset uutuudet ovat meille tuttua kauraa, toiset taas eivät vielä ole rantautuneet tänne pohjoiseen. Tutustutaan siis tarkemmin meihin tapahtumien suunnittelijoina American Express Meetings and Eventsin ennusteen pohjalta.
Gabriela Suortti
7.12.2016 16:11
Our new owner and international partner American Express Global Business Travel envisioned business travel in 2017. Walk through these rising trends with SMT’s Gabriela Suortti to see whether your company is at the forefront of travel or still thinking about yesteryear.
Tommi Lassila
7.12.2016 16:04
Did you know that invoice processing is a costly and time-consuming task for your financial administration? This is why you should also have an efficient process for your travel purchases. Here, you can read SEB’s Finnish Branch Manager Tommi Lassila’s best tips for easy and cost-efficient payments.
Kirsi Paakkari
3.11.2016 13:51
SMT is now part of American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT), the largest Travel Management Company in the world. We will still continue our business as SMT honouring our current customer contracts, which means no immediate changes to our clients. Read more on our integration planning and experiences with our new owner by our Managing Director, Ms. Kirsi Paakkari.
3.11.2016 13:48
– When travellers see a sign that warns them of pickpockets, they subconsciously feel their breast pocket – or wherever they keep their valuables – and, thereby, show the location to onlooking criminals, explains Totti Karpela and a room full of travel management and safety professionals bursts into laughter. Despite the funny examples, however, this is a serious matter. Lots of things might happen around the world. Read more on traveller safety and duty of care.
Totti Karpela
3.11.2016 13:47
– Companies and travellers are taking travel safety way too lightly, says Totti Karpela, the CEO of Peace of Mind training company, former police officer and a subject matter expert for the European Council. – It is not considered part of risk management, and it receives too little attention. ‘I am sure I will be fine’ is a common defence mechanism. Pick up Totti's tips on safe travelling.
Clarion Hotel Helsinki
3.11.2016 13:19
The Clarion hotel chain came to Finland with a splash. In October, the chain opened not one but two new hotels in the metropolitan area. And there might be more. Take a look of the new hotels and Clarion's future plans.
Anna Ruotsalainen
22.9.2016 16:36
- Let us get one thing out of the way: I hate “occupational well-being”, including the image that the term creates and the discussion around the topic, states SMT's HR Director Anna Ruotsalainen.
22.9.2016 16:20
How should you run a taxi business when the most powerful technology companies in the world are investing billions in getting rid of the drivers? And should managing directors participate in dealing with customer complaints from time to time in order to keep a real connection with their customers? A group of some twenty business managers and management consultants thought about the theme.


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