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8.12.2015 16:03
Do you know the size of the carbon footprint from your business travel? And what could you do to reduce the environmental impact of your meetings and events? Initiatives such as the Sustainability Reporting Award Finland and EU directive on mandatory sustainability reporting also increase the significance of sustainable travel.
8.12.2015 15:58
SMTnetwork, the major forum for business travel and events management, gathered together the purchasers and producers of services at Korjaamo Culture Factory in Helsinki on the last day of September.
8.12.2015 15:57
We have been focusing on valuable face to face customer meetings in our events for over a year. We have done many new things during our events and have also experimented in the field of technology. But can technology really add value to an event?
8.12.2015 15:55
Do you know you total spend of business travel and Meetings & Events? What percentage of your potential savings disappears into wind?
8.12.2015 15:45
Today’s trend in events is results. How much new and useful information did you receive, how many contacts did you make and how good were you at networking?
Finnair A350
8.12.2015 15:41
Image: Airbus A350 XWB posing between Finnair's CEO Pekka Vauramo and Operational Director Ville Iho in the delivery ceremony in Toulouse.
8.10.2015 17:47
Rapala is the number one name in fishing tackle, whose products are sold in 120 countries around the world. SMT has taken over Rapala Group's travel services. Group Travel Manager Katariina Kokko is happy with the smooth implementation.


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