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A good travel experience doesn't have to break the bank, and with our 2019 Hotel Cities Forecast you can deliver the best experience on a budget.

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What happens in Traveler Care?
Annikki Piispa

Travel experts do demanding customer service work where customer needs may be anything from train tickets to a trip around the world. Read more on Travel Care work and their lead Annikki Piispa.

Brexit for Business Travellers
Mitä sinun tulee tietää Brexitistä?

How a deal- or no-deal Brexit would affect business travellers? Check some options here.

Have you already downloaded Amex GBT Mobile app?
Amex GBT Mobile

With new features that greatly improve the user experience along with the tried-and-true favorites, here are the top 5+1 reasons business travelers will love Amex GBT Mobile. Check and download.