Communication (social media)

Smartphones and new technology make it possible to share timely information quickly and use new ways of engaging attendees before, during and after an event. We can offer various solutions for implementing event communication and attendee engagement. Utilise the social media channels that the people are already using. Your event site can include a summary of the discussions that take place in various social media channels.

A Twitter wall makes an event more exciting and creates a dialogue between the attendees and the organisers. It makes it easy to share information and opinions and to communicate. It can also
multiply the reach of your event. Active tweeting makes your company more visible on social media, and your event may even become the highest trending topic of the day.

An Instagram photo wall is a fun and modern way to share photos of successful moments, the atmosphere of the event and your interactions. The photo wall makes the event more interactive and visible on social media.

Our message wall service is an easy and flexible way to engage your conference or meeting audience. With the message wall, attendees can ask questions, submit comments and participate in polls or surveys with their mobile phone – by SMS or a web browser. All messages are archived, and you can use them later after the event. 

In addition, we offer flexible SMS-based communication service. The messages allow you to send notifications and instructions to persons or groups easily and effectively during an event, meeting or group trip. The service also supports an additional reply feature that enables the recipient to answer a question in the message with a specific keyword or free-flow text.