Why light a small flame when you can set things ablaze? Meetings have not lost their significance at all. On the contrary – there are even dedicated apps for them. How to impress someone the first time? How to make someone fall in love over and over again?

“If you want to get, you've got to give. The same applies to the business world, and that is why events are created”, says Client Portfolio Manager Asta Vento from American Express Meetings & Events enthusiastically. “We have the meeting professionals. Last year, we created 2,400 company events and groups - and our clients are extremely happy. We are challenging our customers to make more of their events”, Asta continues. There are new, inspiring options available for deepening your encounters and expanding your target group. The key is to charm, commit and create that “wow” effect. 

“Never heard of it. This is a common reply from clients when I tell them that we are also an events agency. We have the wildest stories, most charming ideas and happiest customers”, says Asta Vento with a happy smile.

Why light a small flame when you can set things ablaze?
Question, challenge and disrupt. 

1. Concept
Designing the event concept is the most critical and time-consuming area. Define why and for who your event is arranged and what its goals are. A good concept builds an interesting story around your commercial message. If you repeat your event, do not get stuck in your old ways. Renew your concept even if your customers are not yet expecting it. What is it about your event that makes the participants fall in love with you?

2. Time
Starting early gives you more room to manoeuvre. Spaces for large events are booked up to three years in advance. The most popular speakers and artists, as well as the participants, have their schedules full. What if you arranged your event at a time when nobody else is doing it? This would bring you better visibility and cost savings.  

3. Space
The space can also serve as inspiration and deepen the message of your event. The most unique events are often built in spaces that only have walls. For this, you need a larger budget, but the end result will have your unique look. There are more and more options. When browsing event spaces online, you should remember that Google does not know it all. There are some treasures which only professionals can find.  

4. Performers
Break boundaries instead of settling for the ordinary. The best performers fill the entire space and leave visitors with the memory you want. You can make your event interesting by using a barricade of big names or introducing your audience to future stars. For added visibility, choose someone with a large social media presence as your performer or moderator; they will also share content about your event to their own network.

We have to reach higher goals with less time, fewer resources and tighter budgets. Talking about setting things ablaze.
Our clients think we can help them. 

They love me, they love me not, they love me…

We have succeeded when your event leaves guests with the memory you wanted. The sky is the limit when creating event concepts, and in this line of work, being slightly mad is an asset, being brave is a requirement. We have a great spirit of working and the latest electronic gadgets. We create company events, from Godzilla-sized giants to minuscule meetings, and 92 % of our customers would recommend us. In us, you have a partner that is financially strong and a part of the American Express Meetings & Events that builds world-class company events. This is also done in Finland. 

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