If you are planning a trip for your group, our team has the enthusiasm, inspiration and experience you need. Reach out to us early on and we can work together to create the content and implementation for your trip. As our friend, you'll never be alone on your trip.

Even the small things matter with a larger group. It is also about safety. We know which parts of the world are the best to travel to, now or a year from now, and why. Last year, we organised more than 2,000 group trips and we have lots of happy customers. The world is a wonderful place – have a look around! 

“One group looks for new inspiration by stepping out of the everyday chaos and disconnecting completely, whereas another may find it in a busy urban environment. Genuine, individual and sustainable. These are words that come up more and more often. And that is a good thing”, says Pia Fatih.

Pia continues: “In this work, everything starts with curiosity and trust. The more we know about your group, the better we can plan a programme that suits you. If some people want to come back before the others in the group or stay for a few extra days, this can usually be arranged for a fee – as long as you agree on it in advance. If your budget is tight, start planning on time and make your reservations at the latest six months before departure. The fewer seats there are left on the plane, the more expensive they get.”

“Things will happen despite the best laid out plans. One will miss a flight, another will leave their passport in the plane seat pocket and a third will forget their bag on the bus. We’ll try to prevent these surprises and help you when they do occur. Instead of wasting twenty people’s time at the destination by trying to find a restaurant and then being disappointed, let us take care of the reservations and payments in advance. Let’s make life easier for all of us”, Pia summarises.


Why choose us?

24/7 on-call service for an added feeling of safety

• We can anticipate and minimise risks in case of strikes, for example
• When something happens, we will contact and assist the group
• You can reach us 24/7 when you need help during the trip

Group travel experts will simplify your life

• Travel agenda and schedules
• Flight and transport options and reservations
• Accommodation and meal options and reservations
• Planning and implementation for programme and tours
• Destinations, places and experiences you won’t find online
• Personal service

Still wondering?

• One contact, all services
• Access to American Express GBT’s prices and flexible terms
• Trusted, experienced partner that cares for its clients

As our friend, you’ll never be alone on your trip. We’ll support your group before, during and after your trip. We have been moving people for more than 100 years! We offer a dedicated team with rock-solid expertise. We want to share our good team spirit with you. We are now known as American Express Meetings and Events, and you can find us almost everywhere.

When planning a group trip, request a quote or call us on +358 10 826 2620 or send an email to [email protected]