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Future is...
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... to move forward. Read more in the newest SMTtrends for business traveller and event organisers.

Soon we have a name that is known all over the world.

On Oct 29, 2018 we will become American Express Global Business Travel. Read more on our new name.

Be like Anna

AI helps business travellers
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“AI” is a buzzword being thrown around in the industry a lot these days. Such technology dramatically can enhance the business travel experience. Here are a few ways how.

Meet our customers
Meet out customers

Our customers are local and global organisations that want to join developing business travel services. Learn more on their cases.

How safe do you feel?
Jarno Limnell

Today, safety is also about knowledge and the ability to act. Jarno Limnéll is one of the leading safety experts in Finland. See Jarno's hints and videos here.