When you come to work in the morning, do you see excited and inspired or sleepy and tired people? Read about the FitFarm programme that contributes to well-being through coaching, training and a healthy diet. The programme helps you make your team into energetic achievers.

“We have been using the programme for a couple of years now. As it turns out, it is not just about physical well-being. The biggest thing to come out of the coaching has been our personnel’s shared experience of success, which is not just limited to work. The purpose of the coaching has been building a new kind of company culture, where we drive courage, teamwork, encouraging others and achieving our goals”, explains Nina Makkonen, HR Partner. Nina is excited about the programme’s results: “Nearly 80% of our personnel have participated in the voluntary programme. After the coaching, sick leave costs and absence days are down 10.5% per year. The concept really works and the results speak for themselves.”

We have also received encouraging feedback from occupational health care, provided by Mehiläinen: “Their personnel well-being programme is a great example of how a company can affect its occupational well-being. It has been incredible to see the employees happy with the changes that are the result of increased awareness: dietary changes and appropriate guidance to exercising”, says occupational health nurse Pirkko Raivio.

Below, you can see our team’s results in numbers. We are so excited about them that, together with FitFarm, we are also offering our proven concept to other companies. Remember the name –  FitFarm. If you want to learn more about result-oriented coaching, send a message to and Nina will gladly discuss the topic from an HR perspective.


“One essential success factor was that the lifestyle change was implemented together with co-workers. The project has been going on for a couple of months – and we are still visiting the Malminkartano Hill stairs frequently for a workout. We could not have achieved such results without our wonderful team spirit! And exercising is great for your brain as well”, Nina adds.

FitFarm is a proven programme

1. Engage people to participate
  • Event website, invitations and attendance management for the FitFarm well-being programme
  • An FitFarm event that engages and inspires the personnel to start the well-being programme. Incorporate this to be a part of your personnel day.
  • An energy test in order to determine the group’s baseline
2. Coaches help each individual and group to achieve their own goal
  • Website to support the training
  • 8-week training programme
  • 8-week nutrition programme
  • Continued support from FitFarm coaches
  • One instructed group training day by FitFarm coaches
  • Exclusive training group on Facebook
3. Invest in coaching that provides long-term results for your company
  • FitFarm closing event for sharing the group’s success stories and celebrating the achievements
  • Motivating the participants to continue on their journey, e.g. by arranging group meetings every six months, assigning Well-being Coaches to teams and sharing ideas as well as stories about the successes and relapses in the Facebook group
4. If you still need more, it can be arranged. The programme is tailored for your company’s needs.
  • Motivation lecture by Jutta Gustafsberg
  • Weekly group training sessions led by FitFarm coaches
  • Pop-Up fairs
  • Personalised training shirts and water bottles
  • Individual FirstBeat analyses that help everyone find the balance between activity and rest

Our goal is feeling good for life! With the help of professionals.

The performance of a company’s personnel is significantly affected by physical well-being, as it helps you deal with the stresses of everyday life and pressure of work. Feeling good physically has a positive impact on self-image, sense of capability and even memory. Research has found that exercising is directly linked to brain activity.

Consequently, many companies are interested in developing a working culture that encourages the personnel to exercise, eat well as well as take care of their well-being in their time off. FitFarm is a personnel well-being programme that aims at the effective, long-term improvement of work performance and energy levels. The concept is a lifelong well-being initiative. By the way, this programme will make your employee events rock!

If you want to learn more about well-being initiatives or employee events, contact Asta:, tel. +358 50 414 1505 or tel. +358 10 826 2311. We have a great team spirit and satisfied customers.